• all text and images by luciana francis (nee saldanha)

inner whirlwind.

inner whirlwind begins with a hint   at your finger and tips to the future, lingering along.   I dance with the tornado across the shore –   everything in me begins with a whirlwind  

the arrival.

I change the bed sheets and become aware of the rainbow I bare   The sky is draped in grey, shy of its potential – it’s Spring   I catch a glimpse of the Holy Spirit eating crumbs off a rooftop in Hackney   – I feel a serenity I have long wished for and … Continue reading


heartbeat in a light bulb: spring’s offering a correction   to the holes in your cardigan – wiped your nose at age nine, after weeping.   Trails yet to be found (no, you don’t know this way down here) – it’s all been   corrected by a heartbeat in a light bulb – the triggered … Continue reading


inhabit your world, your life, your conscience.   inhabit your heart, its chambers, all coated in merciful weaving.   Inhabit the days, not in bulk, but the moment, and then every single other.   Inhabit the times, our history, the call for positive action.   Inhabit your house, activate all that’s tangible, make it home. … Continue reading

You are a Yes i…

You are a Yes in two Lovers’ eyes.   – LF.


tonight you sail on under the moon’s gaze above me   a compass will bleed you directions after painting the clouds at dusk, pink   from you it stretches out towards the Mother Ship   – this flight is never lonely, the cocoon does not keep you   away –   for you already are, … Continue reading

In Me.

In me there are many layers, they are possibilities clothed in Destiny’s cloak   a galaxy hovers over the hollow fecundated by sailing Love   in the vessels of our flesh. His eyes pointing to the sunset in the ceiling as another sails, inward, along sinuous under ways   in me a heart and then … Continue reading

“The Weight is …

“The Weight is Over.”

another namelss sigh.

another nameless sigh another, nameless. And I stare at the light in the train carriage.   I guess in the absence of Faith, that will do.   Commute, bandage your face, turn your tongue into a paper weight  and dismantle the church bells but feed the pigeons by the piazza, nonetheless.   none: the less … Continue reading

O Oco. (em Portugues)

Neese oco cabe tudo. Desse oco saem outros. O oco povoa o mundo. Ter consciencia do oco faz do oco nao so’ ninho mas presente. Tem gente que so’ pensa no oco quando esse esvazia ou enche.   Agora carrego essa marca – uma tatuagem da vida: No meu oco esta’ desenhado um sol-poente.   (E … Continue reading


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